National Registry Review and Prep Course

National Registry Prep & Review is one of our most requested classes. Developed by K. Lee Darnell, NRP; former EMS Director of Iredell County EMS, the Prep course also serves as a refresher for those who are currently Nationally Registered, and can be used to meet NC OEMS Continuing Education requirements. The course is facilitated by a group of NR Paramedics with extensive educational backgrounds. The course runs seventy-two hours and is followed by the National Registry Psychomotor Exam. The course covers topics that are commonly seen on the NR written exam.


Pedi-Trio (Pedi-ITLS/PEPP/PALS) This class combines the three best Pediatric courses in existence into one 20 hours comprehensive class. This class will cover ALL the objectives of PALS, PEPP and Pedi-ITLS. This course is a PreMed Exclusive!


Critical Care

Premed’s Critical Care – Paramedic course is intended for experienced Paramedics & RN’s who frequently encounter critically ill patients, or who wish to enhance their knowledge of critical care transport. ALS providers earn a certificate of completion and CEUs.

This intensive course provides participants the foundation of managing Critical Care Transports for experienced and practicing Paramedics. The curriculum has been reviewed and validated and prepares successful participants to sit for National Certification Exams.

PreMed is recognized as an IBSC continuing education provider for those holding critical care certifications.

PreMed is an approved Continuing Education Provider through IBSC.

Flight Paramedic Review

PreMed’s Flight Paramedic Review Course prepares students to sit for the Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C) exam administered by International Board of Specialty Certification. The course is also approved as a continuing education course for those already certified.

Though targeted toward paramedics seeking to advance their career, the course can also be utilized by nurses preparing to sit for the Certified Flight Nurse (CFRN) exam.  Documentation of attendance will be provided to attendees to allow them to seek continuing education hours on their own.


PreMed’s moulage course is instructed by a Hollywood trained special effects artist with over 20 years of experience creating realistic “injuries” for disaster drills, National Registry Exams, the NC & SC  State & Regional Paramedic competitions, and ITLS classes in the Carolina’s & Virginia.  This course allows participants to build realistic wounds and injuries in class. With the purchase of OPTIONAL Moulage cases, participants take that knowledge and skill to their agencies to enhance in-house training, to assist with “Prom Promise” type events, and other community & school activities.

Upon successful of this “basic” class participants will be able to create abrasions, lacerations, bruising, ecchymosis, incisions, Battle’s sign, Raccoon eyes and other common injuries that your EMT’s and paramedics will see in their careers.

Class is also suitable for college drama programs and community theater.

EMS Instructor Professional Development

Another PreMed Exclusive!  EMS Instructor Professional Development assists in recertifying your Level I or Level II EMS Instructor credential! The 20 hour course provides the majority of the 24 hours needed for renewal (the remaining 4 hours are intentionally left for your NCOEMS instructor workshop and any meetings required of your training center/Community College/Approved EMS Educational Instution).

The course will be offered in the familiar PreMed course format of one four-hour evening session and two eight-hour days like the National Registry review programs. Advance your knowledge as an EMS instructor with topics including: Who we are as EMS Educators, Understanding your students, Ethics, Classroom technologies, and Assessing and Evaluating training needs.

The course is led by Kory Lane, M.Ed., a current Level II Paramedic Instructor with experience as a 911 and Critical Care paramedic. Kory is a doctoral candidate in the College of Education at NC State with research in Continuing Professional Education in the Public Safety professions and other professional development initiatives.

Excellent class! One of the best classes I've been to in a long time!
William Sykes
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