Katie Talk is the Senior Clinical Educator for Advanced Circulatory Systems, a division of Zoll.
Katie travels extensively educating hospitals and EMS Systems and speaking at medical conferences on increasing survival in cardiac arrest by following AHA guidelines to include using technology like IPR (ITD) therapy, capnography, and therapeutic hypothermia.
She is a Critical Care/National Registry Paramedic with over 20 years field experience and was a Quality Management Specialist for a large hospital, as well as, a salesperson of respiratory, anesthesia, critical care supplies and other healthcare supply items for many years.
Katie has held positions as National Faculty for NC AHA PALS as well as Regional Faculty for PALS, ACLS & BLS. She holds an Assoc, Degree in Emergency Medicine. AHA, NREMT and ITLS educator since 1984.
Katie is the creator of PreMed’s Pedi-Trio course, spearheading the development and implementation of this EXCELLENT course, which combines AHA’s PALS, AAP’s PEPP & ACEP’s Pedi-ITLS.
Katie is also an AHA ACLS – Exp. Provider Inst., ITLS Aff. Fac., instructor for Critical Care & a National Registry Evaluator.
Katie lives in Brunswick Co., NC