PreMed Instructors have been hard at work the past few months to bring some top notch resources to EMS and EMS Education. Check out the following links for an educational resource on the best practices in EMS Education following the COVID-19 Pandemic, an article on Long QT Syndrome, and a webinar on managing the online course.

The first link is “Approaches for Initial EMS Education at All Levels following COVID-19 Pandemic.” The resource was published by the National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) with adoption or endorsement by numerous EMS organizations. PreMed’s own Kory Lane was a co-author in this work.

The second link comes from EMS World magazine. The online and print version feature an article titled “An Introduction to Long QT Syndrome.” The article reviews the pathophysiology, detection, and treatment go Long QT syndrome. The article is co-authored by PreMed cardiology instructor Roger Layell and Course Coordinator Kory Lane.

The final link is to a webinar sponsored by NAEMSE. Entitled “Disconnecting the Online Course,” the webinar explores methods for the instructor to manage the online course and it’s demanding “always in session” environment.” The webinar is led by Kory Lane. NAEMSE has an ongoing series of educator based webinars available on their YouTube channel. They are also hosting an upcoming virtual educator symposium.